Taber Public Library is interested in hiring 2 post-secondary students through the Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP), in which interns work 100 hours for a non-profit organization, and are then awarded a $1000 bursary.  For more information on SCIP please, visit their website at joinscip.ca.

Middle-School Craft/Maker Program Assistant Intern

Making is all the rage in libraries right now, and TPL is looking for a student to help lead a middle school-aged craft/maker program that will run for approximately 8 months (September – April).  The assistant will spend time researching, planning, preparing, leading and reporting on a crafting/making program once a month (approximately 3 hours a week; 2 hours a month must be in-house and the rest may be remote).

Interns will learn: time management skills; project management skills; research skills; programming skills; reporting; budgeting skills

Relevant interests/background: Education; childhood development; visual arts; arts; crafts; technology

Visit the SCIP listing for more information.

Tween/YA DAISY & Audiobook Collection Assistant Intern

A print-disabled person is "a person who cannot effectively read print because of a visual, physical, perceptual, developmental, cognitive, or learning disability" (Reading Rights Coalition, 2013). TPL is building our tween/young adult audio book collections with print-disabled patrons in mind.

TPL’s Tween/YA DAISY & Audio book Collection Assistant will spend time browsing resources for recommended Tween/YA audio books.  Once a list is created, they will spend time cross-referencing our digital collections to see if we have the listed audio books - creating DAISY discs (special-format audio books for print-disabled patron use only) for those we have, and marking titles for ordering if we do not.

Interns will learn: about child and YA literature; about collection development processes; administrative skills

Visit the SCIP listing for more information.

If you are a post-secondary student interested in either of the positions above, please contact TPL's Library Manager, Heather Martin-Detka, at manager@taberlibrary.ca.