Taber Public Library (TPL) is always looking for new volunteers to help with shelving, shelf reading, one-time events and short-term programs/projects.

Currently, we are specifically looking for volunteers for the following short-term programs:

  • Book Sale Set-Up
    • November 17
      • Setting up tables, bringing up DVDs and organizing them by collection, setting up signage in the library.
    • November 18
      • Set up additional tables, bring up books and organize them by collection, setting up any additional signage in the library.
  • Book Sale Take-Down
    • November 24
      • inventory items, bring books downstairs, take down tables and signage.
  • Chess Coach 
    • A volunteer to form a club and teach anyone interested in playing.

If interested in volunteering with TPL, please fill out our volunteer application form and hand it in to our front desk staff, or email it to manager@taberlibrary.ca.

Volunteer Application Form