Library Membership

Membership Fees
Taber Public Library memberships are FREE for people living within the Town of Taber and the MD of Taber.

**Those living in the MD communities of Barnwell, Enchant, Grassy Lake, Hays, and Vauxhall must register and renew their library memberships at the public library in their home communities, which may be subject to membership fees.

Joining Taber Public Library

To join Taber Public Library you need to present a piece of identification with your name and current mailing address printed on it - such as a driver's license, student ID card, or piece of mail.  

Renewing Your Membership
Taber Public Library memberships need to be renewed annually.  We ask that all members come by the library in person to renew their memberships, which can be done during regular business hours.  Members are required to pay any outstanding fines at the time of renewal.  If you have excessive fines, a payment schedule may be set up.

Why Join Taber Public Library?
You do not need a library card to attend our programs or use our resources in-house.  What a membership does give you is the ability to borrow from any of our physical collections - books, movies, board games, and activity kits - as well as our eCollections!